How to update KRA PIN to iTax 

How to update KRA PIN to iTax

It is that time of the year again and Kenyans from all walks of life are rushing to beat the June 30th deadline of filing tax returns. In the past, Kenyans used to endure the long queues at the Kenya Revenue Authority offices to manually file their tax returns, but that is now a thing of the past all thanks to the introduction of the innovative tax administration system popularly known as iTax. So, how do you update your KRA PIN to iTax?

It is all important for Kenyans with an old ITMS Personal Identification Number (PIN) to update to iTax. KRA, recently upgraded the tax collection and management system from Integrated Tax Management System (ITMS) to the new iTax System. Those applying for a new PIN are not spared either as they must apply for a KRA PIN using the iTax option. The previous PIN, whether issued manually or through the ITMS system, must be updated and registered into the new system. Here is a concise step-by-step procedure for how to update KRA PIN to iTax, creating your login iTax password, changing your KRA email address. We have also included a quick guide on how to register for a KRA PIN for those who haven’t yet. READ ALSO Simple steps on how to generate e-slip on iTax READ ALSO: How to file KRA returns in Kenya How to update KRA PIN to iTax step-by-step All taxpayers in Kenya are required to upgrade from the old ITMS PIN system to the new iTax platform. It is an obligation for all taxpayers to do a KRA pin update to iTax. It is, therefore, important for you to know how to navigate through the online processes. Ensure that you have a genuine KRA PIN as you will need it to access the iTax portal. Follow these steps to update your KRA PIN to iTax You need to first open the iTax portal. This will send you to the iTax online services page. Key in your PIN number and click on “Continue.” A dialogue box will pop with this message ‘You have not updated your details in iTax. Click here to update.’ In the new page that will appear, select taxpayer type and citizenship. You will realize that taxpayer type is either individual or non-individual (for a company, NGOs, and others). Fill in your ID number, date of birth and security stamp to update KRA PIN online. READ ALSO How to change KRA email Ensure your email hasn’t been used by someone else to register on the platform. You should also make sure that you can access it at the moment of registration because an email verification code, One-Time Password (OTP), will be sent to it. Once you have the email ready, click on the button labeled ‘’send OTP’’ on the iTax portal and wait for the verification code to be sent. Do the following once you have received an email bearing the code: Enter the code sent to you and proceed to fill the form to the end. Select ‘submit’ and confirm you want to submit the data. The update page will open and most of your details will be auto-populated. Ensure that all the information is okay in all tabs. You can also update any information you want such as the address and contact details. READ ALSO: KRA Mpesa paybill number and how to use it READ ALSO How to file KRA returns on your income in Kenya 2021 update If you select Kenyan as your citizenship, follow these steps: Enter your National Identification Number in the field given. Enter your Date of Birth in the field given. Key in the results of the arithmetic expression in Security Stamp. Click Submit to continue with iTax Page. Go back to the log in page by clicking back. If you select ‘Non-Kenyan Resident’, follow these steps: Enter the Alien Identity Number in the field given. Key in the correct answer of the arithmetic expression in the Security Stamp. Click Submit to continue with iTax Page. Go back to the login page and use the details to login. Image: Source: UGC Note about Source of Income: You are required to select your source of income. Here are some tips for disclosing your mode of income: For those who are employed, select employment income and remember to file PAYE each month. If running a business then select business income and proceed to add it to your ledger. The last option is for those who are landlords. Select your option and proceed. If you are not employed, running a business or you aren’t a landlord, check all the boxes with NO. READ ALSO KRA PIN application procedure Submitting your PIN Correctly perform the arithmetic operation at the bottom and then click on submit. You will see a pop up asking if that is the email you want to use for the PIN you have applied. Confirm your PIN then proceed to click okay and the form will be submitted. A PIN will be generated immediately on your iTax page. You should then download and print it. You will also receive another copy of your PIN in your email. At this juncture, you are almost done with the procedure. Now you need to create your iTax login password on this final crucial stage. Creating your iTax log in password If you log in to your email you will find your PIN and password that have been generated by iTax. Go to iTax portal and do the following: Input your PIN, password, and perform the arithmetic calculation. Enter your details and answer to the arithmetic calculations A new page will appear. Change your password here as well as create a security question. Your password should be easy to remember. READ ALSO ITAX KRA website Kenya made simple READ ALSO: KRA PIN certificate retrieval guide: download and print out with ease Note: Ensure to put a security question that you can easily remember like ‘the town were you born’. Now you have successfully updated your pin to iTax. Use this to access other services that you may need on the iTax portal. If for some reasons you need to change KRA email address, follow these steps: Changing your KRA email address Many situations may warrant a change of KRA email address. It could be because the original email address you are registered with got compromised, you forgot KRA email used when signing up, or the email used belongs to a company that you no longer for. Whatever the reasons you have, the good news is that you can change your email address on KRA portal and here is how to do it: Open iTax on your browser and sign in using your KRA PIN number and password. Answer the security stamp arithmetic correctly and click on “continue”. After a successful login, a tab will pop up prompting you to verify your email address before accessing other services on the iTax dashboard. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) password in your email address. (Remember the OTP is time sensitive and expires in 15 minutes). Key in the code sent to your email on the space on the pop-up window and tap the submit button. Open the menu and just below the registration icon click Amend PIN Details. This will open the e-amendment of the registration form. You will notice that some of the tabs like Applicant Type, Name and PIN will be auto-filled. Click the online amendment form and put a checkmark on the PIN field to view all the sections to be edited. A list of all amendable fields will open and here you will need to checkmark the basic information part. Edit basic information while still on the Basic Information tab then scroll downwards and tap on the Principal Contact details and type in the new KRA email address that you wish to use then. Click submit once you are satisfied with your amendments. You shall receive a prompt message notifying you that you have entered a new KRA PIN email as the main email address on iTax. You are required to confirm the process by clicking the OK button. In the long run, you will get a message confirming that the change email address on KRA iTax procedure has been successfully finalized. Once this process is complete, wait for your request to be ratified by a KRA representative. An email will be sent to you confirming the email address and allowing you to download an attached PIN certificate with the updated email address. READ ALSO How to file nil returns on the KRA iTax portal the right way Another way to change your e-mail address is by sending your KRA PIN, a colored scanned copy of your original national identity card, and valid email address to If you can’t log in to the system or you have any other issues with your PIN, use the online KRA PIN checker to confirm whether it is valid. Image: Source: UGC A quick guide to getting a KRA PIN If you don’t have a KRA PIN yet, follow these steps to get one: Open iTax on your computer browser Click on New “PIN registration” Select Taxpayer type “Non-Individual” On the mode of registration (choose either the online form or upload form) Select Business type as “Others” and select appropriate business subtype Choose your Tax Obligations. Available options include: Select your source of income if any and provide necessary details under source selected If you are an agent who will be taking care of taxpayer duties and obligations, you are required to enter their details in the agent details section. Answer correctly the arithmetic sum provided and click Submit When registering as a business, you should input at least 1 PIN of the company director’s that will be used for the initiation process. Always ensure the director whose details are used is tax compliant and registered on iTax. READ ALSO ITAX in Kenya – Learn how to use government services online READ ALSO: How to file nil income tax returns Follow this guideline when selecting your tax obligations: Pay As You Earn: Employers are required to register for this obligation. Turnover Tax: Applicable to businesses whose turnover (income) does not exceed KShs 5 million during any year of income. This is mainly for those in the informal sector where tax procedures, computation and record keeping are basic. Value Added Tax: Any person supplying or who expects to supply taxable goods and taxable services with a value of KShs 5 million or more in a year qualifies to register for VAT. The law also allows for voluntary registration. You will be sent an acknowledgment receipt on completion of the online application after which a follow-up email will be sent to you informing you on further instructions. The fact that the Kenya Revenue Authority embraces technology is a welcome thing. Through this, you can now avoid the bad experiences of long queues. We hope this guide has been useful to you and now you know how to update KRA PIN to iTax. Go ahead to update your PIN and easily file your tax returns before the 30th June deadline to avoid penalties.

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